Central Refrigeration & Air, Inc. | Port Orange, FL

Central Refrigeration & Air, Inc. | Port Orange, FL

Ice Machine Installation & Ice Machine Repair

A functional ice machine is crucial to the success of your food service operation. If your ice machine goes out, call on the experts at Central Refrigeration & Air, Inc. to fix it up in no time.

There's no ice machine too big or too small for our team to service. Call 386-882-1801 right now, and we'll send an experienced ice machine repair tech to your home or business in Port Orange, Florida.

3 signs you need a new ice machine

Not sure whether your ice machine needs to be repaired or replaced? Here are a few signs it's time to throw in the towel and invest in a new one:

  1. It's been making loud noises when it cycles on.
  2. You're not getting as much ice out of it as you used to.
  3. You've had to repair it several times already.

Contact Central Refrigeration & Air today to schedule an ice machine installation at your place of business.